//Which One Is The Best Biker Leather Jacket

Which One Is The Best Biker Leather Jacket

Bikers leather jacket come in three main designs that are Double Rider, Rider and Racer. The designs are made for men but women riders can also use these jackets. These outfits have something that makes them special for bike riders. They are beautiful but riders demand more comfort than visual appeal.

Let’s discuss each biker outfit in detail and determine its suitability for women users

Double Rider

The name has it all. This double-breasted jacket is beast of all the types, sizes and designs of leather outfits. It is bulky and it looks bulkier with multiple zips, buttons and studs made of stainless steel. This big size outfit comes with multiple pockets and also the waist is belted for convenience of the user. The belted waist allows users to fit the jacket on their body. The front zipper opening stops at the double collars that can be closed using a button.


Leather jackets for women bikers have to be lighter in weight and look. The Double Rider design has a disadvantage that is looks bulkier and heavy. Women need a sleeker design that reflects womanhood. Jacket designers worked on leather to produce a sleeker outfit. And they ended up making Rider style. What they did is they took the idea of making a sleeker Double Rider or they simply removed Double from the Double Rider design. The new design is quite attractive as it doesn’t have unnecessary zippers, buttons and studs.


Women bikers are no less demanding than their male counterparts. They buy expensive motorbikes and also they spend lavishly on their clothes. While Rider looks a near perfect jacket for bike riding, they were looking for a more perfect option. The leather designers again took their scissors and started producing a perfect jacket design. The Racer was born after much cutting and tailoring job.

Racer is the bestselling biker leather jacket. It looks slim and light but it also carries bulk weight of leather. It has band collar and also there are three pockets on the front. Closed with zip, the pockets are available on waist and chest. This attractive piece of leather outfit has changed the way bikers used to dress up.

More designs are coming

Double Rider, Rider and Racer are the basic designs for making biker jackets and all other designs are based on the idea of these three styles. Leather designers are working on to produce more attractive designs. www.leathereal.com

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