//Leathereal Jackets – Our Style Statement in Leather Products

Leathereal Jackets – Our Style Statement in Leather Products

This is an effort by leathereal to give information to the customer and educate them on leather and leather jackets. We have written down some articles which are very informative and reflect our experience as a leather jackets designer and leather goods retailer.

These articles will help our buyers to understand making of leather jackets, its process so that customer can make educated decision when buying leather jackets and leather products. We certainly hope that these articles will help our customers to learn and educate themselves about leather and leather Jackets. This might be something new for them. They will see how much passion and hard work we put in to design these leather jackets and other leather products.

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What’s the difference between leather and PU

Many people don’t know what leather is, Leather is a long lasting material which is created by tanning animal rawhide and skin. Mostly leather Jackets at leathereal are made of from Sheep/Buffalo.  PU which is stated as Polyurethane is plastic. It is very cheap to produce PU as compare with leather. PU is basically made artificially to look and feel like leather at lower price.

What to choose Leather or PU for Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets from leather has longer lifespan.  Pure Leather will have 2/3 more life span. PU shine and color will be lost within few months on the other hand Leather will stay shine for several years

This means that PU bags will be discarded after certain time. Pure leather Jackets on the other hand will stay longer. Even those leather Jackets can be pass to another person after some years it will stay as new.

What’s the difference between Leather and PU

It’s easy to differentiate if customers know what to look. To see if leather Jacket is pure leather just have to see the back side of the leather. It will tell if its pure leather jacket or not. PU will feel rubbery or stickier because of rubber compound which are used to make PU jackets.  Sometime in PU have a peace of cloth glued on the back side to hide it.

Pure Leather Jackets has suede on the back of its side. People who have experience can tell by looking if leather jacket is pure leather or PU

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We welcome our customer to buy pure real leather from leathereal.com. we make all kinds of designer leather jackets from pure leather.  Customer will love our product because we sell pure leather jackets which are hand stitched. Leather Jackets at leathereal are classy and last longer provide value to our customer’s money

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